Barcelona 60’s aims to observe the city of that era, specifically by means of its housing. Those were years in which the residential project was the most forceful expression among the major social changes. A residential project particularly relevant when describing the character and the urban logics not just of Barcelona but also of its inhabitants and theuir way of life.

This, then, a look at a city associated with and era and viewed through the lens of the housing project that helps us to locate and understand certain urban situations. Talking about residential buildings means talking about where they are located, what they are like and, of course, the architects who designed them. Architects such as Antoni de Moragas, Josep Antoni Coderch, Lluís Nadal, MBM, Antoni Bonet i Castellana, Ricardo Bofill, Lluis Clotet i Òscar Tusquets and Francesc Mitjans.