We live in changing times. The digital revolution, economic globalisation and scientific progress have come hand in hand with the realisation that the climate is facing a near irreversible deterioration, raising many questions about the future of work and the capacity to maintain social cohesion in an increasingly unequal environment. The recent pandemic only serves to strengthen these elements of change and transition.

We need to recover the capacity to plan futures that resolve the uncertainties brought about by life transitions, and the environmental, economic and social transitions the world is immersed in. And that resolve the unknown and grave threats to the viability of prevailing models of life.

In this second edition of the Open City Biennale, we want to open up debates on fundamental issues in as accessible a way as possible, making use of the city’s public spaces and the network of organisations, facilities and groups interested in taking part. We are living in a world, in a country and in a city that are fully and intensely experiencing this series of transitions, and we need to make the most of any opportunities that present themselves to generate spaces for reflection and debate that help us to collectively tackle these challenges.

Futures, democracy, technology and city will be the foundation upon which we will construct a series of proposals aimed at all sectors of the public, using various languages and formats that enable everyone to have their say. We will hear voices from all over the world who, from different points of view and disciplines, will offer us reflections, diagnoses and, above all, proposals for solutions to the dilemmas we face. And we will hear you.

Because, between all of us, we will imagine, think about and build better futures.