Some of the questions related to the Habitatge have been dealt with by independents from those who agree with the understanding of the Ciutat. This procedure has subordinated or has hierarchical an approximation to the other based on the points of view, as if the projectual decisions at the current level are not without many points of contact from the sources. The set of texts that make up this publication claim precisely, despite the scalar difference, to specify in what way the residential project and that of its urban environment are inseparable and complementary. Ciutat i Habitatge form part of a mateix fet urbà and, in short, of a mateix projecte.

A project that has to be simultaneously attentive to the multiple and different relationships that are derived from this plantejament. In addition, speaking from the buildings is also, and in large part, speaking of the city, and it makes it easier for them to accustom themselves, in an instrumental and didactic way, to reflections on the subject of cabdal fears. The comprehension of the six reasons for the most proper and understanding of the six specific logics and especially the six relationship between the urban teixits. The city acquires meaning from the buildings and the spaces that make it up in a reciprocally beneficial relationship.