Buenos Aires

The conceptual approach to materials is directed towards the ultimate interest in space and, in each case, the space resulting from geometric development materializes in its properties.

The displacement of the action towards the detail not as a simple inversion of the order that we usually follow when projecting -going from the least to the most-, but as a simultaneous work in all the scales of the design. A holistic operation where all scales are managed at the same time. Through the concretion of the union, an object is not projected, but a process. A form is not proposed, but the system that will generate it.

The student carries out a study about the two best models of efficient “design” that we have, nature and tradition, where the guarantee and improvement of survival occurs through the efficiency in the use of available resources. Material sufficiency as one of the main form-generating restrictions causes in these designs a close relationship between the simplicity of the operation performed and the complexity of the result obtained.